Thursday, 25 September 2014

There is new story that's being written about me: God is faithful and He is true. I know He does not lie, he is not a tease. He does not give dreams He won't fulfill, He does not inspire thoughts He won't realise. He is the most faithful being that has ever and will ever live.

I just thought to share that thought since I have been thinking on it for a really long time now. God's Word has really been blowing me out of the water. His Words have become the happiness of my heart and now I can only see everything being alright. The peace is almost scary. Whew. But He really is faithful. I am starting to really get into this love affair. He loves me. I love Him back. But He loves me more. Boy, He really loves me more.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

There is goodness in my Father's heart. He has enormous love for me. It is great and boundless, beyond doubts and fears, above skies and clouds, between meadows of rain and trouble. In height, His love is high. In depth, it is deep. In width, it is wide. In length, it is long.

Jesus was the ultimate show of God's love for me. And, oh, what a show that was! So much was paid in that sacrifice. So much was given up for me. I believe that He loves me. He has given Himself for me, He has made Himself the scapegoat to be punished. He has come alive again to justify me and give me hope. He has spoken sweet words to my heart. Yes. His words have become the happiness of my heart.

God is good. My life sings this song... God is good.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

If I believe that Jesus died for my sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures, I will see the power of God. I do not know the correlation. I do not know the meeting point between all of this...yet...but I believe. The gospel is the foolishness of God that saves men. Why shall I not believe this foolishness? God is smarter than me. I believe.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Great days are here. Great days are now.

Whew! I had a weekend. So Miracle and Healing Convention held, and Reverend Opara came and Reverend came. And I was having expectations for other people whereas God was intent on getting me settled.

In the middle of the meeting, while I was feeling so unable to continue, Ochanya said to me: "If you don't want to be strong what else do you want to be? You are a strong girl, and it's a strong man's gospel." It was as though all the elements of strength rose up in me. Of course, it wasn't without some struggle in my flesh but God is faithful. There was all this tension that I just kept trying to figure out and the devil was whipping me. Hian. The moment I decided to just deal with it, I had a breakthrough in my heart, and God spoke to me: Love is the way to victory. It is the conquering force. And it doesn't always require being nice. It always requires going out of yourself, though.

It is a trial of my faith. It is working out patience in me. God told me to rest, to stay here, and wait. I know Him: He is faithful. I can trust Him now, even if I can trust nothing and no one else, including me. Ha. He is good, He is faithful. He is seeing to it. He has forgiven my sins. He is faithful.

And Ochanya dey marry o! My mother!!!