Sunday, 13 March 2016

Be Grateful

You'll never celebrate if you're never content. There's a mighty supply for us. But you aren't dying tomorrow, the world ain't ending next weekend. So, relax and be grateful for who and where you are. Thank God for the mighty supply you see now. Trust me, you'll grow into His big plans for you, cos nobody has bigger plans for you than the Lord.

Don't crush your faith with covetousness and envy. Don't let the pressure for "success" in.

God loves you and there's a mighty supply indeed! I tell you. I see miracles of God's favour everyday. I get money so often these days. I am happier and I'm more productive. Truly, my influence has increased and I'm not buckling under any pressure.

We have speaking this way for some time now. We didn't even think we'd be here by now, but here we are! Taking over and things! So, really, count those blessings and relax. Much more is happening than you're acknowledging.

Be grateful. Be content. Be consistent. Be persuaded. As long as you're in His arms, in His will, God's got you.


God loves you like His life depends on it. He loves you dearly.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Love Songs

Me and my Father, we have an interesting relationship.

He sings me love songs every day, and He writes me love letters every so often. Well, as often as I will read them.

Night after night, for many years now, He sings me to sleep. As a child, I would lay my head down in His bosom and go to sleep without a thought. But sometimes, I'd have crazy dreams. Dreams I was unable to fathom. And I would wake up in a sweat and wonder where He'd gone. My mind would be filled with fear, and I would stay awake the rest of the night.

As I grew, I learned that He never really left. He was always there, but I lost sight of Him from time to time. How do I know? Because, I recognise His voice and we have a way between us, I always know when He's there, which is always.

He still sings me to sleep every night. My crazy dreams left, but I took on cares in a bid to be an "adult". Funny. He never asked me to be one.

But I took on cares, and they nearly choked me in my sleep. And I almost let them. But, how precious He is, that He answered when I called. He drew me out of many waters indeed, and from my enemy that was too strong for me.

He sings me love songs every night, writes me love letters as often as I will read them, paints me pictures so beautiful and roars promises in my heart.

He is mine. I am His.

Friday, 19 February 2016


Distrust, mistrust and lack of trust are all a recipe for doom in relationships. We must encourage people to trust by trusting others ourselves.

The fear of rejection can only cease to hold sway over us when we look to God's love, acceptance and faithfulness above all else. We will always disappoint one or two people in our lives, sometimes thee, but we must choose to remember those we have blessed and those who have blessed us.

God is to be All for everyone. We are not to play God in each other's lives.

We must learn to forgive when hurts seem overwhelming and, sometimes, permanent. We must learn to accept God's forgiveness when our mistakes loom over us like infinite dark clouds. We must learn to forgive ourselves, even if and when others won't forgive us. We must learn to see past what we have done wrong, on purpose and not, and we must walk in God's great grace.

We must choose and learn to believe God's love and righteousness over and above our wilful acts of stubbornness, our rebellion, our lies, our successes and our opinions. Over and above all them that matter in our lives, we MUST believe God's love. Why? Because it is that love that wins.

God loves us dearly.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Go for clichés. I think clichés are great. Everyone is trying to run away from cliches, to create a new trend or a new thing to believe. Children think their parents are clichés. People think pastors are cliches who live clichéd lives preaching clichés as messages.

We couldn't be more wrong!

There are some clichés I'll gladly live for the rest of my days. One of such is this: Jesus loves you. Another is this: I love you.

The truth within these clichés are so profound and simple that it requires all of our complexity to make them misunderstood. Jesus does love you, and so much. It's not even so much a cliché as much as it is the Bible. His love made Him foolish for us. He left all the cool stuff He had going in heaven and came down because of us. Jesus became human-wrapper (for all of you that feel that a man who loves his wife is woman-wrapper) because He wanted to show me how much He loves me. If that's a cliché, I'll take it.

And, I'm opening my heart to love that God is bringing my way. Knowing the love of God, when my precious spouse speaks those precious words, I LOVE YOU, to me, I will receive them with all the faith and grace in my heart. It won't be a cliché to me because Jesus has shown me true love and I'll know it when it comes.

And, the love I have for others is not in any way any kind of cliché. It is love being birthed of the love my Father has shown me.

So, please, when it comes to love, if the cliché is that Jesus loves you, then by all means, go with the cliché. You don't need anything new.

God loves you very much.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Sins Are Forgiven

 Long time. Real long time. Forgive me.

I have missed writing, because I haven't done it in months. So much has happened since the last time I was here, but I've been steadily learning one thing: All my sins are forgiven. And, not just my sins. The sins of the others, the fathers, the sisters or whosoever, I am forgiven of them all.

I'm steadily learning what to interpret the born again is. It's huge, wide and grand.

All your sins are forgiven, past present & future. God loves you dearly.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

To the willing heart...

Before the new year arrived, we were pregnant with it. Now is the time to bring forth. Prayer does it like nothing else can. I urge you to pray. It is as needful as breathing. Our hearts can only be protected by this medium, after we have received the seed of God's Word. And God is speaking so much, so strong and so loud we need prayer to keep up. When He speaks, He triggers something holy and violent in us. It's His love and His will. His desire being born in us. But we will not really see fruition unless we pray. I have lost some seeds, sadly, but my heart is stretched and prepped for the supernatural. I see no use in being here and not getting what He is saying or doing.

Believers, get with the program. God is not out to propagate your agenda. He made you for Him and not the other way round. He promises you much things but they are all a means to an end -His will being done. This is the definition of co-labouring: that we take up the tools He has so generously given us and bring heaven's kingdom to bear on earth. I hardly see the point of all my wealth if I cannot give it all to the gospel, or all my influence and intelligence if I cannot wield it for the Kingdom sake.
Open your heart to God. Receive His gracious desires and His wonderful strength. He supplies. He is faithful. And if we partake of His suffering, how shall we describe the glory to come?

Pray, lovely people. God loves the willing heart. He will use it anywhere He can find it.

You're blessed.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

There is new story that's being written about me: God is faithful and He is true. I know He does not lie, he is not a tease. He does not give dreams He won't fulfill, He does not inspire thoughts He won't realise. He is the most faithful being that has ever and will ever live.

I just thought to share that thought since I have been thinking on it for a really long time now. God's Word has really been blowing me out of the water. His Words have become the happiness of my heart and now I can only see everything being alright. The peace is almost scary. Whew. But He really is faithful. I am starting to really get into this love affair. He loves me. I love Him back. But He loves me more. Boy, He really loves me more.