Sunday, 13 March 2016

Be Grateful

You'll never celebrate if you're never content. There's a mighty supply for us. But you aren't dying tomorrow, the world ain't ending next weekend. So, relax and be grateful for who and where you are. Thank God for the mighty supply you see now. Trust me, you'll grow into His big plans for you, cos nobody has bigger plans for you than the Lord.

Don't crush your faith with covetousness and envy. Don't let the pressure for "success" in.

God loves you and there's a mighty supply indeed! I tell you. I see miracles of God's favour everyday. I get money so often these days. I am happier and I'm more productive. Truly, my influence has increased and I'm not buckling under any pressure.

We have speaking this way for some time now. We didn't even think we'd be here by now, but here we are! Taking over and things! So, really, count those blessings and relax. Much more is happening than you're acknowledging.

Be grateful. Be content. Be consistent. Be persuaded. As long as you're in His arms, in His will, God's got you.


God loves you like His life depends on it. He loves you dearly.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Love Songs

Me and my Father, we have an interesting relationship.

He sings me love songs every day, and He writes me love letters every so often. Well, as often as I will read them.

Night after night, for many years now, He sings me to sleep. As a child, I would lay my head down in His bosom and go to sleep without a thought. But sometimes, I'd have crazy dreams. Dreams I was unable to fathom. And I would wake up in a sweat and wonder where He'd gone. My mind would be filled with fear, and I would stay awake the rest of the night.

As I grew, I learned that He never really left. He was always there, but I lost sight of Him from time to time. How do I know? Because, I recognise His voice and we have a way between us, I always know when He's there, which is always.

He still sings me to sleep every night. My crazy dreams left, but I took on cares in a bid to be an "adult". Funny. He never asked me to be one.

But I took on cares, and they nearly choked me in my sleep. And I almost let them. But, how precious He is, that He answered when I called. He drew me out of many waters indeed, and from my enemy that was too strong for me.

He sings me love songs every night, writes me love letters as often as I will read them, paints me pictures so beautiful and roars promises in my heart.

He is mine. I am His.