Tuesday, 9 September 2014

There is goodness in my Father's heart. He has enormous love for me. It is great and boundless, beyond doubts and fears, above skies and clouds, between meadows of rain and trouble. In height, His love is high. In depth, it is deep. In width, it is wide. In length, it is long.

Jesus was the ultimate show of God's love for me. And, oh, what a show that was! So much was paid in that sacrifice. So much was given up for me. I believe that He loves me. He has given Himself for me, He has made Himself the scapegoat to be punished. He has come alive again to justify me and give me hope. He has spoken sweet words to my heart. Yes. His words have become the happiness of my heart.

God is good. My life sings this song... God is good.

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