Tuesday, 6 January 2015

To the willing heart...

Before the new year arrived, we were pregnant with it. Now is the time to bring forth. Prayer does it like nothing else can. I urge you to pray. It is as needful as breathing. Our hearts can only be protected by this medium, after we have received the seed of God's Word. And God is speaking so much, so strong and so loud we need prayer to keep up. When He speaks, He triggers something holy and violent in us. It's His love and His will. His desire being born in us. But we will not really see fruition unless we pray. I have lost some seeds, sadly, but my heart is stretched and prepped for the supernatural. I see no use in being here and not getting what He is saying or doing.

Believers, get with the program. God is not out to propagate your agenda. He made you for Him and not the other way round. He promises you much things but they are all a means to an end -His will being done. This is the definition of co-labouring: that we take up the tools He has so generously given us and bring heaven's kingdom to bear on earth. I hardly see the point of all my wealth if I cannot give it all to the gospel, or all my influence and intelligence if I cannot wield it for the Kingdom sake.
Open your heart to God. Receive His gracious desires and His wonderful strength. He supplies. He is faithful. And if we partake of His suffering, how shall we describe the glory to come?

Pray, lovely people. God loves the willing heart. He will use it anywhere He can find it.

You're blessed.

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