Sunday, 7 February 2016


Go for clichés. I think clichés are great. Everyone is trying to run away from cliches, to create a new trend or a new thing to believe. Children think their parents are clichés. People think pastors are cliches who live clichéd lives preaching clichés as messages.

We couldn't be more wrong!

There are some clichés I'll gladly live for the rest of my days. One of such is this: Jesus loves you. Another is this: I love you.

The truth within these clichés are so profound and simple that it requires all of our complexity to make them misunderstood. Jesus does love you, and so much. It's not even so much a cliché as much as it is the Bible. His love made Him foolish for us. He left all the cool stuff He had going in heaven and came down because of us. Jesus became human-wrapper (for all of you that feel that a man who loves his wife is woman-wrapper) because He wanted to show me how much He loves me. If that's a cliché, I'll take it.

And, I'm opening my heart to love that God is bringing my way. Knowing the love of God, when my precious spouse speaks those precious words, I LOVE YOU, to me, I will receive them with all the faith and grace in my heart. It won't be a cliché to me because Jesus has shown me true love and I'll know it when it comes.

And, the love I have for others is not in any way any kind of cliché. It is love being birthed of the love my Father has shown me.

So, please, when it comes to love, if the cliché is that Jesus loves you, then by all means, go with the cliché. You don't need anything new.

God loves you very much.

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