Friday, 19 February 2016


Distrust, mistrust and lack of trust are all a recipe for doom in relationships. We must encourage people to trust by trusting others ourselves.

The fear of rejection can only cease to hold sway over us when we look to God's love, acceptance and faithfulness above all else. We will always disappoint one or two people in our lives, sometimes thee, but we must choose to remember those we have blessed and those who have blessed us.

God is to be All for everyone. We are not to play God in each other's lives.

We must learn to forgive when hurts seem overwhelming and, sometimes, permanent. We must learn to accept God's forgiveness when our mistakes loom over us like infinite dark clouds. We must learn to forgive ourselves, even if and when others won't forgive us. We must learn to see past what we have done wrong, on purpose and not, and we must walk in God's great grace.

We must choose and learn to believe God's love and righteousness over and above our wilful acts of stubbornness, our rebellion, our lies, our successes and our opinions. Over and above all them that matter in our lives, we MUST believe God's love. Why? Because it is that love that wins.

God loves us dearly.

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